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Our Success Stories:

The following are examples of work successfully delivered by Quincetree Ltd:

  • Ministry of Commerce, Algeria.
    On behalf of NICO in an EU funded project, the overall objective was to support the modernization of consumer protection services of the Ministry of Commerce, with a particular emphasis on collecting, processing and the promotion of information.
    (January 2017 - February 2019)
  • Consumer Code for Home Builders, UK
    Quincetree Ltd. were engaged to develop and conduct a programme of monitoring and auditing of the UK’s Consumer Code for Home Builders, designed to promote the highest standards of consumer protection in the new home building market.
    (January 2018 - January 2019)
  • Competition and Consumer Protection, Middle East and North Africa
    Quincetree Ltd were engaged to provide specialist support for an evaluation of an UNCTAD project funded by the Government of Sweden. The project being evaluated was entitled, ‘Regional Economic integration through the adoption of competition and consumer protection policies in the Middle East and North Africa’.
    (April - June 2018)
  • National Trading Standards, UK
    On behalf of the UK’s National Trading Standards Service (NTS), Quincetree Ltd. were commissioned to develop commissioning criteria for the effective delivery of services for tackling the problems associated with illegal money lending.
    (November 2015 – April 2016)
  • Market Surveillance Agency, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    On behalf of NI-CO in an EU funded project the overall objective was to develop the capacity of the market surveillance system to enhance the integration of the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) with those of the EU and enable manufacturers to improve their trade and industrial relations with the EU and international markets.
    (June 2012 – April 2014)
  • Better Regulation Delivery Organisation, UK
    Quincetree Ltd were engaged by the UK Government’s Better Regulation Delivery Organisation (BRDO) to conduct an evaluation of their grants programme to assess the impact of local authorities and others working closely with BRDO and to evaluate the effectiveness of grant provision as a method to engage with local authorities and build long-term capability to deliver BRDO initiatives locally.
    (November 2014 – March 2015)
  • Consumer Protection Agency, Moldova
    On behalf of NI-CO in an EU funded project this project was intended to assist in the development of the legal framework for market surveillance and to support staff at the Consumer Protection Agency in order to allow them to have the appropriate skills and knowledge to carry out their duties. The project involved a UK-Lithuanian partnership with staff from both foreign public authorities which are responsible for Market Surveillance and Consumer Protection matters.
    (May 2012 – February 2014)
  • West Yorkshire local authorities:
    In West Yorkshire Quincetree Ltd. worked with the five local authorities to produce a feasibility study into the option of creating a unified regulatory services across trading standards, environmental health, building control and licensing. The five authorities serve a population of 2.2m people and if they do proceed it will be the biggest venture of its kind in the UK.
    (September 2010 – February 2011)
  • Caribbean Single Market and Economy Unit (CSME):
    Quincetree Ltd. were engaged by NI-CO to review current arrangements for consumer protection in the 15 Countries that together make up the CARICOM region in an EU funded development project. An action plan for modernization was produced which is being used to drive change in the region.
    (September 2009 – March 2010)
    See case study.
  • Local Better Regulation Office:
    Quincetree Ltd were engaged to manage a project to support the new Unitary Authorities adopt best practice in relation to the organisation, management, planning and delivery of regulatory services.
    (August 2008 – ongoing)
  • Management Efficiency Unit, Prime Ministers Office, Government of Malta:
    On behalf of NI-CO in an EU funded project this project involved the development of systems, procedures and training for the successful implementation of a ‘Better Regulation’ programme across the whole of Government.
    (February – August 2008)