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About Quincetree Ltd:

Since being established in 2005, Quincetree Ltd has successfully delivered numerous projects in the public and voluntary sector.

Quincetree Ltd has undertaken much of its work outside the UK on behalf of NI-CO.
NI-CO is a not for profit, public body dedicated to the pursuit of building efficient, accountable and sustainable public sector institutions capable of managing donor aid effectively and implementing positive change.

On UK based projects, we work flexibly with other similar organisations who share our passion for quality and public service. This means that we are able to create a specific team with a unique blend of skills to meet the needs of a particular project.

"I had the opportunity to use the services of Quincetree Ltd whilst employed for what was then the Department of Trade & Industry. I had the privilege of working directly with John Lawrance on a major Government initiative which involved working with a large number of local authorities and private sector companies. His leadership, vision and project management skills was always exceptional and his ability to manage relationships and make real change happen really makes him stand out from the crowd."
Carol Brady (ex) Operations Manager, Consumer Direct.
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